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Why it is very Beneficial to get a Reflexology Massage

Ever had of reflexology? Maybe you have come across this word while at a spa. This article will help you understand all things reflexology including key advantages. With reflexology, there is pressure applied to specific points of the ears, feet and hands, to get a certain reflex from other parts of the body hence body treatment. Reflexology finds its roots in ancient Egyptian and Chinese practices and has a myriad of benefits. Our feet need massaging especially due to the kind of intense strain we put on them on a daily basis. Well, let us now look at the advantages of reflexology.

The first benefit lies in improved nervous system function. Now, as age catches up with us, the endings of our nerves tend to lose sensitivity, especially those located further away from the central nerves system. Some studies have shown that only one reflexology session can spike an increase in the responsiveness and functionality of the stated nerve endings. The nerves are no different from muscles. One point is that to keep your nerves functional, you must exercise them like muscles. This will clear up any stiffness or blockages that may exist along your neural pathways.

Reflexology can help improve your body energy levels. It sometimes may feel as if we are operating at average levels hence we feel rather slow. Such cases can beacon at the fact that our body is not creating energy as required. Reflexology can handle this issue by aligning the functioning of various organs in the body. By doing this, you can be confident that your metabolism will improve significantly. Reflexology can also enhance circulation throughout the body. Faster flow means that blood laden with plenty of oxygen, gets to the necessary body organs in time and there is optimisation of the organ’s function. A result of this is faster healing processes and quicker replacement of injured cells.

Again if you want relaxation then do consider reflexology. As stated earlier, it opens up neural pathways. Now, these clear pathways will allow for neural activity to flow freely and the end result is a more relaxed state. Reflexology is known to induce calmness in the mind and body thus why it handles sleeping disorders so well. Reflexology is also adept in handling toxin elimination. The performance of the bladder in eliminating toxins can be highly enhanced by going the reflexology route. By this elimination, we can be sure that toxin-related diseases can be nipped at the bud.

Finally, a boost in nervous stimulation can help improve our cognitive abilities. Clear neural routes allow the brain to handle larger amounts of data better. The memory will also get better because of this.

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